Downton Abbey Filming Locations

Private guided tours to Downton Abbey filming locations

Locations in Britain have featured frequently in recent film and television productions and have generated fresh interest in our amazing wealth, beauty and variety of historic houses, castles, gardens, villages and landscapes.  Visiting places that you saw in a television series or a film is exciting. This page is about Downton Abbey but other historic costumed dramas come to mind also, including Doctor Thorne and Bridgerton.   I can take you to some of the places and we can relive the scenes that took place there.

Downton Abbey is set in Yorkshire and there are references to real Yorkshire places, like York, Harrogate, Ripon and Malton.  However, most of the scenes were filmed in the south of England, including London.  Some places have no public access and some can be viewed only from the outside.

Here are just some of the places that can be seen in London and the south of England. There are lots more and they will be added in due course.
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South of England

Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle)
Downton Abbey
Dower House
Dowager Lady Grantham's House
Downton Village
Downton Village centre with Isobel Crawley's House and St Michael and All Angels Church
Downton Hospital and Post Officei
Downton Hospital and Post Office
Grantham Arms
Grantham Arms
Downton Village in 2019 Film
Downton Village
Military Parade in 2019 Film
Red Lion pub Kirkbymoorside
Red Lion pub in Kirkbymoorside
Season 2 Episode 3
Yew Tree Farm
Yew Tree Farm
Swan Inn
Lady Sybil's & Branson's hideaway
Season 2 Episode 7
Marigold birth certificate
Marigold's birth certificate
Wycombe park Rosamund's London Home
Interior of Lady Rosamund's London Home


A Street in York
A Street in York
Many scenes (I counted 14) were filmed on and around this street
This view can be seen in Season 5 Episode 4
Lady Rose and Atticus First Meeting
Bettys in York where Lady Rose and Atticus first meet in the rain
Season 5 Episode 5
Lady Mary and Talbot kiss
Lady Mary and Henry Talbot shelter from the rain (and kiss)
Season 6 Episode 6
Temple Church
Church in York with Russian refugees
Season 5 Episode 4
Edith and Bertie Pelhams reunion
Lady Edith and Bertie Pelham bump into each other
Season 6 Episode 3
Bates buys a leg brace - Season 1 Episode 3
Moorfields Eye Hospital - Season 1 Episode 7
Caxton Hall
Caxon Hall where Lady Rose and Atticus were married
Season 5 Episode 8
Peter Pan Statue
Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens. Lady Mary & Lord Gillingham
Season 5 Episode 4
Old Square
Another street used in several London scenes.
Season 4 Episode 5, 7 & 8
Season 6 Episode 2
Hampton Court
Lady Edith and Bertie Pelham walk by the fountain
Season 6 Episode 5
Lady Rosamunds House Belgrave Square
Lady Rosamund's House in Belgrave Square
As seen in Season 2 Episode 9
(I'll update the picture when the building work is finshed)
Grantham House Belgrave Square
Grantham House in Belgrave Square
Season 4 Episode 9, Season 5 Episode 8
Police Station
Police station where Anna took part in an identity parade
Season 5 Episode 8
Grand Hotel Liverpool
Grand Hotel in Liverpool
Season 5 Episode 3
Green Park
Green Park
Similar views (without the litter bin box) in Season 1 Episode 7 and Season 5 Episode 8
The pictures below were taken in Charterhouse. There is no public access except by a guided tour.
Wash House Court
Political rally where Lady Sybil is injured
Season 1 Episode 6
Nurse training hospital
Lady Sybil attends the nurse training hospital
Season 2 Episode1
Masters Court
Tom Branson reveals his feelings for Lady Sybil
Season 2 Episode 1

Northern England

Harewood House
Harewood House, Yorkshire
Royal Ball in 2019 film
Location of Talbot and Branson Motors
Season 6 Episode 9