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These extracts are taken from letters and e-mails received from clients, both individual and corporate, who experienced my services as a guide, tour manager or travel director, including driver-guiding, coach guiding, extended touring, incentive groups and site inspections. Some names may have been withheld but all are verifiable. I never ask for comments so they are all unsolicited.

Peter, You were the absolutely perfect, quintessentially British guide for us.  We thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge you shared with us, your sense of humor, the insight to British life and your pathetic jokes!
Bill and Dana Keyes. Atlanta, Georgia.

In the summer of 2018 you guided us through the Cotswolds, Kent and London.Brenton We visited Hidcote, Sissinghurst Castle and Great Dixter gardens. We also toured Blenheim, Chartwell and Hever Castle.  It was a marvelous experience and one that Cheryl and I cherish more with the passage of time. We really appreciated your patience, humor, knowledge and high level of service.  Thanks again for making our trip to the U.K. special.
Bill and Cheryl Brenton. Roanoke, Va

And Peter, OMG What a typical English born and bred gentleman perfectly dressed and right on time. Just like in the movies. He was sooooo cool. Knowledgeable on every topic, and he went thru several subjects. A day long tour thru London to Highclere Castle and worth every penny or shilling “as they say”. One of the reasons we want to visit London again is because of Peter. We will never visit England without booking a tour and will schedule around his availably. He’s that good…
Mark & Pam Stephens

Thank you again for a lovely tour through part of your country. We both enjoyed it a (BUNCH) great deal. (including) playing stump the driver and asking a million questions about this and that. If any of our friends are heading over your way in the future we will certainly encourage them to contact you.  . . a happy, funny, grumpy, knowledgeable, flexible and always outstanding person.
Cindy and John Nixon

Malia is still telling everyone she sees about the wonderful trip, and Jane Austen and the Phantom of the Opera are her two favorite experiences. You made our visit a splendid one and we are so grateful for all you were able to show her about her favorite author. She felt included and not a child hanging out with adults. Your planning was perfect and to my surprise she saved up every small detail of lunch at the Pump Room and is in awe of knowing it was likely her heroine was actually there. I especially appreciate your willingness to answer my many questions about your country and its customs and politics. That learning experience was one of my favorite memories.
James & Susan Little.

I want to thank you so very much for the perfect tour of London. You are extremely knowledgable. It was fabulous to be able to sit back, relax and know we were in wonderful hands. And I LOVE your car!!!! What a BIG difference it made in being able to enjoy all the sights.
Melissa Jones. San Diego, California.

I wanted to thank you once again for our wonderful tour through London. We thoroughly appreciated your manner, knowledge, and humor. As you know, our time at Westminster was a high point for me, but the whole tour was a glorious experience. Even as we toured through all the other UK cities . .  we would compare our guides to our “gold standard,” Peter Jamieson.
Randy and Cathy Thompson, Alabama,

How can we express our thanks to you for the wonderful trip we have experienced over the last 17 days.  Your professional approach to taking care of us  was outstanding .  lewis afternoon teaYou are an excellent driver, patient and share your amazing knowledge and history of your beautiful country. We loved your stories, music and the research you put into our travels.  In other words, we have felt so privileged to have had you as our guide and you have made this a magical experience for us both.
Jean and Peter Lewis , Auckland, New Zealand.

Peter, you made my mum’s Mrs Frassica with Peterdream trip come true and I will forever thank you. Your manners, so gentle, and so efficient.
Nancy Talley, Massachusetts.

Nourished by reading, recollection and conversation, the euphoria lingers still! For everything you did for my husband and me during our recent travel, for your patience with us and for the fascinating and valuable information you imparted to us – seriously when appropriate and with wit, humor and charm at times – we thank you again. You were deeply appreciated as a person as well as for the excellent service you provided.
Joan Ellis, California
The travel agency described you as “excellent English guide with much experience, intelligence (Gentleman!)” What they did not mention was “good sense of humour, brilliant ideas, strong nerves, strong will (you got up that hill) etc.” I do thank you for your great help and support and for 2 unforgettable days in London. So, dear Gentleman, thanks again.
Sabrina, (with an Austrian Incentive Company)
All good things must come to an end but memories like our experience with you will never be forgotten: you were a perfect guide, a humorist, a referee, but most of all a grand human being who the three of us will never forget. We loved the tapes.
John Growich, California

First of all, let me say thank you for making our visit to London more memorable than I thought possible! sowell canterburyIt has been over three month since our two days with you and you still rank as a highlight of the trip. Your knowledge concerning the sites we visited (Stonehenge, Bath, Canterbury, and Leeds Castle) was outstanding and the insight you gave us into life in England was invaluable. When planning this trip, I did not realize you were an attraction, or “site” to see, but when I ask the kids what their favorite part of our London trip was they always mention you. We were truly fortunate to spend a few days with you and when we return to the London area we will certainly look for your services again!
Mark Sowell, Nacogdoches, Texas

Dr Thompson at Hampton CourtThanks so much for a truly wonderful day. I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful guide than yourself. You were friendly, patient, intuitive, funny and also very knowledgeable about the history of what we were seeing. Your care for our handicapped mother was truly exceptional – I think she wanted to leave with you rather than put up with us for the remainder of the trip! P.S. My family wants to adopt you.
Dr. MikeThompson and Family Santa Barbara, Ca, USA

We all fell in love with our guide/driver Peter Jamieson.rudy maxa crewI can’t begin to say how much we enjoyed his company and his wit and how hard he worked to accommodate our every need. We have had guides all over the world but Peter was special – for his encyclopaedic knowledge as well as his ability to get us where we needed to go. Might we take him with us on all our shoots???
Susan McNally, Writer/Producer/Director, Rudy Maxa’s World

I particularly want to commend our tour guide. Mr. Peter Jamieson. I’ve often thought that keeping track of a group of tourists and keeping them amused at the same time must require an unusual combination of talents. Peter proves the theory. He was knowledgeable, most entertaining, very helpful with suggestions for extracurricular activities, and handled our physical arrangements so smoothly that it looked easy. He’s by far the best we’ve had in our three cruises with you.
From a letter to Royal Viking Line from James H. Lavery, Jr., Florida
Thank you again for making my parents first trip to England so memorable and so filled with rich history to bring everything into context.britton family
We would have walked into cathedrals, looked around and walked out. We would have missed 80% of the experience. You were a complete gentleman with a keen sense of humor which made the trip all the more enjoyable. We will definitely use you again when my husband and I return, hopefully within the year.

Sue Britton, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Hope these photos remind you of how veryharrisonmuch fun we had with you in London!!! You truly brought history to “real life” for us and made it so interesting. We can never thank you adequately for sharing three days of your life with Jim and me – and our crazy friends!!! Please know that we have lots of great memories to cherish for a long, long time – we hope!!!
Peg Harrison, Alabama.