My Car

Renault Espace Grand Initiale

The essential sightseeing and touring car – comfortable, adaptable, safe and stylish.

The Espace Grand Intitiale is a luxury MPV (van).  ” . . arguably the last cool people carrier”. Its design and flexible seat configuration means that there is room for 6 passengers, yet parties of one or two people will enjoy the spacious luxury and not feel that they are travelling in a bus. It is the most sophisticated, well-appointed, comfortable and safe vehicle of its type.

Comfortable, adjustable leather seats in a spacious leather-trimmed interior. Air-conditioning (of course) with electronic climate control. Overhead vents for the rear passengers.

The View
Large panoramic windows and a glass roof for unencumbered enjoyment of your surroundings.

Non-darkened windows
Darkened windows are fashionable, but they don’t really serve any useful purpose. However they do reduce visibility and affect natural colours, making the world look gloomy. This is particularly noticeable when the sun doesn’t shine (this is Britain remember).

Window blinds
If by chance the sun is too bright there are blinds to reduce the impact.

Luggage Space
“Cavernous” for up to 4 passengers, some for 5 passengers who are travelling light or 6 passengers with tooth-brushes

Complimentary bottled water is available from the refrigerator (luggage permitting).

” . . And I LOVE your car!!!! What a BIG difference it made in being able to enjoy all the sights.”
Melissa Jones. San Diego, California

Flexible Seating
Standard – up to 4 passengers
Car with 4 passenger seats
Car seating plan - 4 passengers
Up to 3 passengers
Car - 3 passenger seats
Car seating plan for 3 passengers
Up to 5 passengers
Car seating plan - 5 passengers
Up to 6 passengers
Car seating plan - 6 passengers