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clearLegal Requirements for a Driver-Guide

Private Hire Vehicle Licensing
Under the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 all driver-guides operating from London require three special Private Hire (PHV) licences. The licensing authority is called London Taxi and Private Hire, or LTPH for short.

Operator Licence
All driver-guide bookings must be processed by a licensed operator. If the driver-guide does not hold a PHV operator's licence he or she may not accept bookings direct from clients.
I operate from a centre within the Driver-Guides Association's licence, numbered 02114. It expires on 6 March 2018.

My operating centre address is
56 Sternhold Avenue

Telephone number for bookings: 020 8671 6750

Driving Licence
All driver-guides must be in possession of a PHV driving licence. The process includes a medical examination and a police record check.
My drivers licence number is 153990501. Expires 24 November 2019.

Vehicle Licence
Vehicles are inspected and re-licensed annually, with an MOT test every 6 months (this is a thorough inspection which includes the mechanical condition, bodywork and emissions).
My vehicle licence number is 2983530601. Expires 20 April 2017.

Copies of my PHV licences are available on request.

The credentials of London-based driver-guides can be verified on the Transport for London web site .


Vehicle Insurance
All Private Hire Vehicles, including those used by driver-guides, must be covered by a special insurance policy, which states that use for Private Hire (sometimes called Hire and Reward) is included.

My motor policy is with Aviva. A copy of the certificate is available on request.

Public Liability Insurance
I am covered by a Public Liability Insurance scheme operated by the British Guild of Tourist Guides. This cover is included automatically as a benefit of membership.

Your Personal Blue Badge Guide in LondonYour Personal Blue Badge Guide in London

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